Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sad news

Hi. I'm doing a non crafting post today. I'm posting to show my love and respect for a very special lady Vivienne Holden. I know that there are lots of people. Parents, Grandparents and Children who are going to have a lovely day being Easter Sunday. But last night a very special lady. A lovely, kind, caring, amazing lady left us. She was taken from us to early by cancer. She tried her best to fight it but unfortunately and very suddenly things got to much for her. Leaving behind her Husband, four Son's and Grandchildren.

To me she was like my second Mum. I'm her oldest Son Barry's Parter and Mother of two of her Grandchildren Teigan (her first Granddaughter) who loves her so much and Oliver (who is nearly two.) She showed me, taught me and shared with me many things including her love for crafting. She helped me find my creative calling. I often sit and read through Viv's blog. It's inspires me to create card but not all about card. She write about her family, friends, events that are going on in her life at that time and her feeling. Much like a online diary. It's so lovely to read through. I wish you were still with us.

This is a picture we took Viv and baby Oliver in 2014. This was the first time she met him. As you can see by this picture. She was bursting with pride. Such a happy time. I will treasure it always.

This is Viv and Teigan. Teigan loves her Nana so much. She will miss her deeply. She does have lots of lovely memories of all the fun times they had together to remember her by. 
She will be loved by so many always and missed terribly.

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